Bakgårdsfest med Comgoyá 20.7.2024 på Kruttverket, gratis

Comgoyá invites to a party with cuban rythms in the backyard at Kruttverket. Comgoyá has a dynamic and authentic cuban sound that will bring you to the streets of Havanna. They play traditional cuban son, salsa, cha-cha-cha, latin-jazz and their own music.

The orquestra consists of 10-11 musicians and the following musicians will entertain at Kruttverket: Felix Navarro Navarro (Cuba) on congas, Antonio Torner (Mexico) timbales, Katerine Espinal (Nicaragua) piano, Chacho Galeano (Colombia) bongas, José Francisco Couto Nascimento (Brasil) guitar, Brage Rognlien (Norway) trombone, Lina Navarro (Norge) saxofon, Rayner Tarin Camps (Cuba) vocal og Norge Flores Falcon (Cuba) vocal.

Kruttverket at the river Alna is a house of culture with roots to the 1700. It is situated in a green oasis by the river Alna and is the perfect place for a late summer party. If you want to see pictures from Kruttverket, you might do it here.  

Kruttverket is situated in Arnljot Gjellines vei (bus 37 to Etterstad Vest and a  5  minute walk.

15th June in Sandefjord Kulturkræsj festival

Comgoyá will play Saturday 15th June at Sandefjord Kulturkræsj festival in Kongens gate in Sandefjord.

We will play with a small change of musicians, but still the same music. Although we are introducing new numbers. 

And the festival is gratis.


7.6 Comgoyá på Kulturhuset

Date: Friday 7th June at 20:30, doors at 20:00

Place: Kulturhuset, Laboratoriet, Youngsgate 6, 0181 Oslo

Even by Kulturhuset, supported by Oslo kommune

Ticket price: 200 online / 250 at the door

Buy tickets here

An orchestra to remember. Cuba has a diverse music culture, that has influenced almost all music. Comgoyá is a vibrant orchestra that plays the lively rhythms of traditional Cuban music like mambo, Cuban son, cha-cha-cha, bolero, and latin jazz as well as their composed songs. The repertoire is continuously changed, so that you will always have a fresh experience listening to the band.

The musicians are:

Felix Navarro Navarro (Cuba), congas
Antonio Torner (Mexico), drums 
Brage Rognlien (Noway), trombone
Chacho Galeano (Colombia), bongas
Gerardo Orrego (Chile), bass
Katerine Espinal (Nicaragua), piano
Kim Koffeld (Norway), trumpet
Norge Flores Falcon (Cuba) vokal
Rayner Tarin Camps (Cuba) vocal
Valerio Bottari (Italia),guitar

Comgoya at Cafe Sør

 Date: Friday 3.5.2024 at 20:00

Place: Cafe Sør, Torggata 11, 0181 Oslo

Arrangement av Cafe Sør, støttet av Oslo kommune

Inngang gratis

Comgoyá plays afro-cuban traditional salsa music like Cuban son, mambo, bolero, cha-cha-cha and latin jazz.

Comgoyá musicians:

  • Felix Navarro Navarro fra Cuba: congas
  • Antonio Torner fra Mexico: trommer
  • Romulo (Chacho) Galeano fra Columbia: bongas
  • Katerine Espinal fra Nicaragua: piano
  • Valerio Bottari fra Italia: gitar og bass
  • Gerardo Orrego fra Chile: bass
  • Kim L. Koffeld Norge fra Norge: trompet
  • Brage Rognlien fra Norge: trombone
  • Rayner Tarin Camps fra Cuba: vokal
  • Norge Flores Falcon fra Cuba: vokal.   


23.3. Comgoya at MIR

Saturday 23rd March at .19:30

Place: MIR / MIR Lufthavna, Toftes gata 69, Oslo

Tickets: 200 NOK, buy your ticket here:

Prepare to move and groove to the rhythm of Comgoyá's electrifying performance. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the captivating world of salsa and let the music carry you away!  Cuban music like son, salsa, bolero, cha-cha-cha and latin jazz. You will hear 10 professional musicians from 7 different countries playing the best cuban music. 

Comgoyá means mixture and was used by the original mixture of different african languages, rythms, dances and the tradision and religion that the african slaves brough to Cuba. The musicians in Comgoyá use their long experience from different types of music to create something new although the roots are clear. 

Dont miss this opportunity to be part of the best salsa music in town!!

Comgoyá musicians are: 

Felix Navarro Navarro from Cuba: congas

Antonio Torner from Mexico: drums
Romulo (Chacho) Galeano from Columbia: bongas
Katerine Espinal from Nicaragua: piano
Valerio Bottari from Italia: guitar and bass
Gerardo Orrego from Chile: bass
Kim L. Koffeld Norge from Norway: trumphet
Brage Rognlien from Norway: trombone
Rayner Tarin Camps from Cuba: vocal
Norge Flores Falcon from Cuba: vocal.

10th february at Gamle Munch: Winter party with Comcoya

 Date: 10th February at 1900

Place: Gamle Munch, Tøyengata 53

Tickets: 150 online / 200 at the door