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Welcome to the official website of Comgoyá orchestra. Comgoyá  is a 10 piece orchestra dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich musical traditions of Cuba. Our name, Comgoya, means 'mixture' and is an expression that was used about the different rythms, music, dances and religions that are the background of the rich musical tradition in Cuba. This music represents variety and that  is what we strive to bring to our audiences trhough our music like son, mambo, cha-cha-cha, salsa, bolero and latin-jazz in addition to our original songs. What we bring to our audiences through our music is joy, happiness and a connection to our cultural roots.

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Comgoya is a musical orchestra that brings the vibrant and rich sounds of traditional Cuban music to life. With an impressive lineup of 10 talented musicians, their performances are nothing short of spectacular. From the moment the music starts, it's impossible not to feel the infectious rhythms and melodies that make up the backbone of Cuban music.

  • Live performances at events, parties, and festivals
  • Private music lessons for traditional Cuban instruments
  • Collaborations with other artists to bring fresh ideas and perspectives on the music

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Thanks for the interest in Comgoyá, the best latin orchestra in town. 10 professional musicians playing cuban music.  We would love to hear from you. you can contact us by email to: og you can fill in the form on our website. we will  reply shortly.