Our work

Comgoya is a musical group that brings the vibrant and rich sounds of traditional Cuban music to life. With an impressive lineup of 10 experienced and talented musicians, their performances are nothing short of spectacular. From the moment the music starts, it's impossible not to feel the infectious rhythms and melodies that make up the backbone of Cuban music.

  • Live performances at events, parties, and festivals
  • Private music lessons for traditional Cuban instruments
  • Recording and production services for original Cuban music compositions

As the popularity of Cuban music continues to grow, finding an authentic and skilled orchestra can be a challenging task. That's where Comgoya.no comes in – a 10 piece orchestra dedicated to preserving and playing traditional Cuban music. But why should customers choose us over other options?

  • Authenticity: Comgoya is dedicated to preserving the traditional Cuban music genre, staying true to its roots and original sound.
  • Innovation: Cuban music is innovation by default and is also something the musicians stribe after in Comgoyá
  • High Quality Musicianship: The orchestra consists of highly skilled and experienced musicians, each with a deep understanding and passion for Cuban music.
  • Vibrant Energy: Comgoya's performances are filled with energy, enthusiasm and a contagious rhythm that gets audiences on their feet and dancing.