About us

Comgoy is a vibrant and energetic 10 piece orchestra that brings the rich and lively sounds of traditional Cuban music to life. Founded by a group of passionate musicians, our orchestra is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the vibrant cultural heritage of Cuba through our performances. With a diverse range of instruments including piano, trumpet, drums, guitars, and more, we create a dynamic and authentic Cuban sound that will transport you to the streets of Havana. Our talented musicians have a deep understanding and love for Cuban music, and their passion shines through in every performance. From traditional son, mambo, salsa, latin-jazz to modern interpretations, Comgoya.no offers a unique and unforgettable musical experience that will have you dancing and singing along.

Comgoya is a renowned 10-piece orchestra with musicians that has been playing traditional Cuban music for a long time. Our journey with Comgoya began in 2022 ....s when a group of friends with a passion for Cuban music came together to form a band. During the last year, we have grown in both size and popularity, and have become one of the best salsa orchestras in the country. Our commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Cuba through our music has been the driving force behind our success. With a deep understanding and appreciation for the roots of Cuban music, we continue to captivate audiences with our energetic performances and authentic sound.